Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Spitafields - Nameless Street 2030

The potential of abandoned streets shops and housing blocks allow the opportunity for the remaining community to raise cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens for feeding the community.
London Refugee Camp - St Pauls Cathedral 2030

St Pauls cathedral site has now been occupied for 19 years, with the first occupation a protest against the capitalist society the world has seen some horrendous acts against humanity and a series lack of resources have resulted in London being split into Refugee camps to help the poorest with basic living conditions, with the world only worsen these camps are become heavily populated resulting in concerns for safety and health conditions.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Dystopia - Year 2030 - Location Petticoat Lane

People out of work, money exchanges are becoming less frequent people are beginning to scavenge spitalfields for exchangeable goods, recycling the mess left by the migration of people hoping to the refugee camps, a strong community which over history has withstood many issues begin to develop and become self sustainable, the remaining community use theirs skills and space to grow, keep, mend, feed and sleep.

Some see a dysotpian spitalfields as a place to leave others see this as a opportunity to grow, the abandoned houses and spaces become full with recycled goods, places to grow food, keep animals, mend clothes and life with their families the community no longer use money for exchange of goods but products and crafts. 

Petticoat lane 2030?

Petticoat Lane has a rich history and has been in existence since 1218
 known then as Bereward’s Lane.  In 1500 it became Hog Lane and from about 1603 Petticoat Lane.

the market has adapting with the ever changing market, over the course of its history the market has trading many items meat, clothes, "traditional" delicacies from jellyed eels, jeiwsh potato latke and Indian curries this market has changed and changed what is the future trading goods when this market hits 2030? 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

 Project Idea (Too Ambition Project for half a year)

The date is 2030 and natural resources have run almost dry, with the world previously at war over what water, food and oil the world bars its scars of devastation across many cities.

In London a air of thick dirt and nuclear mist hang, changing the dynamics of the cities, people are now moving into congregation at the food station across the city, Liverpool street is one of the most dense with the surviving Tower Hamlets residents moving out of there homes to be closer to the food and water outlets, the former streets are left in ruins following the bombs that fall.

The world security council has provided Androids programmed to insure order is kept in these hostile environments as humans can no longer be trusted in rationing the essentials fairly, all was well until the scavengers begin stealing computer equipment and hacking into the andy's changing the way they behave, leaves Rick Deckard WSC (world security council) agent to find these infected andy's and retire them.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Unit 15 - MF Crit Movie .mp4

Christmas Crit Film - Not Finish
Spitalfields 2011- 2030

Dissertation Idea

Synopsis of my dissertation proposal:
The film has been said to resemble many cities London included with the illumination of Piccadilly Circus, The film is also described as a over populated city which was based on a day in New York which was described as one day grinding to a standstill due to the volume of cars and people, like in Blade runner the city scenes are heavily dense and seem unbearable with vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic.
Also as in New York and any major city there is a defined level in the class system with people dressed in what looks like pajamas in the film, without the maybe pajamas, poverty within major cities is reality and the film picks up on this and pushes the poverty level forty years into the future.

What from the film can we take and place on to "estimated" statistics of the future and seek the possibilities and realities of living in this "Los Angeles" of the future, at 2011 can we already see the beginnings of this and what if the Blade runner vision was only 11 years off the proposed 2019.

A quick search into global tends show a gloomy outlook where there is a shortage in resources and a estimated 8 billion people at a medium rate of population growth by 2030 an extra 1 billion more people than today, how will the current economic crisis cope with the addition of the extra population and extra costs.

Title - Vision of the future...1980-2030


Blade Runner Description
Ridley Scott History
Do Androids Dream Electric Sheep?
Chapter 1 - Making of Blade Runner

 The design process
Physical construction (set and model)
The shooting of Blade Runner 
Design Influences - Syd Mead etc

Chapter 2 - Blade Runner the Film

The Film in sequence
The futuristic View
The set as seen
The influence on the Audience
The futuristic story

Conclusion - Vision of the future

The facts of the film
The realities of this being in 2019
What in reality can we take from the film if anything
What the similarities are between the scenes of population and poverty in the film and the estimated statistics of the so called reality.

Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane Spitalfields Photo 
- November 2011
Petticoat Lane Spitalfields Sketch 
- Blade Runner 2030

Petticoat Lane Spitalfields Sketch 
- Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 2030

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?
Philip K. Dick
2007 Edition

The book which has influenced Blade Runner, the book is about a Bounty Hunter Rick Deckard who is hunting 8 illegal earth androids who escaped mars by killing their owners and stealing a spaceship.

The book differs from what we watch on screen, the book whether this is because i have watched Blade Runner and Dangerous days seems a little disappointing the build up to the characters and their place in this society is good but the ending is short and a bit of let down after would could have been. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Metropia (2009)
Story takes place in 2024, Europe. Natural resources are depleted and global financial markets crashed. One company controls global European subway system called "The Metro". After hearing voice inside his head Roger meets Anna - model which offers him help in getting rid of it which starts unraveling global surveillance and mind control conspiracy. Written by Leonty Belskiy 

The film follows a dystopian view on the world, where freedom can no longer exist and begin to live in a unfilled life of groundhog day, the character of Roger  lives his life in a regular way until voices begin to mess his thoughts up and begin to change his life until he meets his desire Nina who then begins to control his life, the voices in his head are part of a larger organisation who are trying to control Europe with a a shampoo.

The film is created in the powerful after effects and shows what can be done in using reasonable little im told. The lighting in the film adds to the effects of the character and surroundings with the dingy settings Roger finds himself living and working amongst. The film uses very little colour and mainly sticks to the greys and black for shadowing enhancing the depiction of the suffering of Rogers story.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Dystopian Spitafileds

Ramble City: Postmodernism and Blade Runner
October, No. 41 (1987), pp. 66
It is a place of vast immigration, from countries of overpopulation and poverty. While immigrants crowd the city, the indigenous petite bourgeoisie moves to the suburbs or to the "off- world" as the case may be. Abandoned buildings and neighborhoods in decay adjoin highly populated, crowded old areas, themselves set next to new, high- tech business districts.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Film Noir

Sunset Boulevard (1950) - Film Noir

Is a story about a actress who falls in love with a younger writer who’s cross paths in coincidence, which ends fatally, the actress is forever chasing a dream of acting in a script she/they wrote together but the film industry Paramount in this case had no interest in shooting.

The film is shoot in a semi dilapidated mansion in Hollywood, the house was full of riches from "yesteryears" the set was luxurious which reflects the former actress, the goods where bought in her prime and over the ages begin to show their age, the items which are in the house remind the actress of her former glory and has a butler which keeps feeding her the lifestyle she desires.

Looking into the set the backdrop displays the torture in which the actress is living through, the mansion exterior in the early scenes is run down and in disrepair during the duration of the film the Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) the mansion begins to show it life again with the swimming pool being reused and scenes begin to be placed outside the house as the actress grows in confidence with her new lover, however as Joe Gillis (William Holden) begins to change his mind and falls for another lady the scenes once again begin to stay internal to the house with the dark heavy interior displaying the feelings of the characters.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

2 Minute Presentation - Unit 15 PTYR3
London Worldwide MF-unit 15.mp4

1st Minute - Dissertation 

The Portrayal of the Wall.....

The importance of architecture and its influence within film to portray the storyline, each scene for a film is researched and the set is chosen specifically for its architectural appearance.

Given the relationship with architecture within film being a strong catalyst why is film not used to influence architecture? If an audience can watch a film and place themselves within the unfamiliar surroundings of a film, why is architectural story told in a 3rd party viewpoint, the audience is always on looking.

Focusing particularly on

Films: Blade Runner (1982), Ridley Scott, The Pianist (2002), Roman Polanski

Architecture:Masdar City (present), Sir Norman Foster

2nd  Minute - Dissertation 

London, Worldwide
London Souvenirs

What happens when the London cities financial crisis hits and the finical district begins to disappear, with empty office blocks left I there wake, the blocks maintenance bills rising and becoming unaffordable to keep and London becomes a marketplace for the words most powerful economies to buy like pieces of souvenirs.

London cityscape becomes a fake with replicas replacing the originals as their countries of ownership are transporting these souvenirs into their cities and recreating London cityscapes for their own use.
London Souvenirs

What happens when the London cities financial crisis hits and the finical district begins to disappear, with empty office blocks left I there wake, the blocks maintenance bills rising and becoming unaffordable to keep and London becomes a marketplace for the words most powerful economies to buy like pieces of souvenirs.

London cityscape becomes a fake with replicas replacing the originals as their countries of ownership are transporting these souvenirs into their cities and recreating London cityscapes for their own use.

Thursday, 3 November 2011


 2 Minute First Draft Presentation Video 

1st Minute - Dissertation

Walls and their emotions potrayed in films to enchence the sub plot of the film and their effects on the audience.

2nd Minute - Project Outline

This is still currently being worked out, but the basis film sets with backdrops of London whether they be in London or a set (fake)  designed to look and feel like London.