Thursday, 24 November 2011

 Project Idea (Too Ambition Project for half a year)

The date is 2030 and natural resources have run almost dry, with the world previously at war over what water, food and oil the world bars its scars of devastation across many cities.

In London a air of thick dirt and nuclear mist hang, changing the dynamics of the cities, people are now moving into congregation at the food station across the city, Liverpool street is one of the most dense with the surviving Tower Hamlets residents moving out of there homes to be closer to the food and water outlets, the former streets are left in ruins following the bombs that fall.

The world security council has provided Androids programmed to insure order is kept in these hostile environments as humans can no longer be trusted in rationing the essentials fairly, all was well until the scavengers begin stealing computer equipment and hacking into the andy's changing the way they behave, leaves Rick Deckard WSC (world security council) agent to find these infected andy's and retire them.

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