Tuesday, 8 November 2011

2 Minute Presentation - Unit 15 PTYR3
London Worldwide MF-unit 15.mp4

1st Minute - Dissertation 

The Portrayal of the Wall.....

The importance of architecture and its influence within film to portray the storyline, each scene for a film is researched and the set is chosen specifically for its architectural appearance.

Given the relationship with architecture within film being a strong catalyst why is film not used to influence architecture? If an audience can watch a film and place themselves within the unfamiliar surroundings of a film, why is architectural story told in a 3rd party viewpoint, the audience is always on looking.

Focusing particularly on

Films: Blade Runner (1982), Ridley Scott, The Pianist (2002), Roman Polanski

Architecture:Masdar City (present), Sir Norman Foster

2nd  Minute - Dissertation 

London, Worldwide
London Souvenirs

What happens when the London cities financial crisis hits and the finical district begins to disappear, with empty office blocks left I there wake, the blocks maintenance bills rising and becoming unaffordable to keep and London becomes a marketplace for the words most powerful economies to buy like pieces of souvenirs.

London cityscape becomes a fake with replicas replacing the originals as their countries of ownership are transporting these souvenirs into their cities and recreating London cityscapes for their own use.

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