Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Metropia (2009)
Story takes place in 2024, Europe. Natural resources are depleted and global financial markets crashed. One company controls global European subway system called "The Metro". After hearing voice inside his head Roger meets Anna - model which offers him help in getting rid of it which starts unraveling global surveillance and mind control conspiracy. Written by Leonty Belskiy 

The film follows a dystopian view on the world, where freedom can no longer exist and begin to live in a unfilled life of groundhog day, the character of Roger  lives his life in a regular way until voices begin to mess his thoughts up and begin to change his life until he meets his desire Nina who then begins to control his life, the voices in his head are part of a larger organisation who are trying to control Europe with a a shampoo.

The film is created in the powerful after effects and shows what can be done in using reasonable little im told. The lighting in the film adds to the effects of the character and surroundings with the dingy settings Roger finds himself living and working amongst. The film uses very little colour and mainly sticks to the greys and black for shadowing enhancing the depiction of the suffering of Rogers story.

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