Saturday, 29 October 2011

The changing streets in City of London Borough

My first attempts at aftereffects and making a 2d photo into a 3d video also using some colour effects to add the to tensity of the changing streets

Friday, 28 October 2011

  If the london financial captial crashed and Chinese investor begin to invest in the City of london, how would the eastern culture and influence begin to change the face of our city.

China Weighs Up Euro Bailout Fund Investment

Monday, 24 October 2011

Blade Runner - The Final Cut

Roy to Rick
"All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain" great line added in by the Rutger Hauer,

Quiet glad to say after watching the documentary and the few versions there were i watched the directors cut! no bad voice overs or "shinning" endings! 

After watching the documentary dangerous day then the film, my appreciation for the movie has increased ten fold, without giving it all away the details that are in the film quite amazing and set the scene well, the film was directed and shot well, the effects and techniques used were great and very architectural in there construction and principle in creating the right streetscape for the futuristic film and Ridley Scotts portrait of the future.

The film was written, then designed and constructed, on a 1:1 scale as well as caring size models, every detail within the film was designed specially, graphical drawings to reproduce the mood for the scenes, there were casting from Frank Lloyd Wrights house in Deckards flat and similar to what we learnt in after effects the models were made for the camera so no wasted time or money on producing the large acid attached models. 

Possible Thesis idea,  could be to compare this Blade runner city to the Masdar Development designed by sir Norman Foster, the use of physical design and the similarities within the approach.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Film Project

With the site location being based in Tower Hamlets boarding the City of London borough, the two opposite are extremely apparent walking around the area.

What if the our economy begins to implode into the extremes were the city begins to fold and become redundant and abandoned similar to the surrounding areas and the offices become taken over by the new power house economy of China, changing the exterior and the appearance once again, adapting the city developments into a western Shanghai/ Beijing.

Thesis Proposal

 Walls have feelings
 Film and architecture run hand in hand within film, the importance of creating a strong background can enhance the story of the film and the message the film across to the audience and portraying the director’s idea into a format, which can be understood worldwide, creating the correct surroundings captivate the audience a give the audience a sense of place and position within the film whether this is the future, past or present the audience can appreciate the surroundings and set their position within the film.

Gladiator as an example sets the scene of each sequence, which enhances the characters position with the story and the characters personal story, within the amphitheater he is a great warrior, in the cell of his new found home he is a servant for a more power source and shows his weaknesses.
Whitechapel Gallery Visit
Work in Progress: Reclaim The Mural
Wilhelm Sansal
The Bloomberg Commission: Josiah McElheny
Government Art Collection : Selected by Cornelia Parker

Small exhibition with a few interesting pieces in the Wilhelm Sansal, the style of the pieces were comic like and a very good exhibition on electric pulses and reflections in the Josiah McElheny exhibition, 

Wilhelm Sansal - Shoah

Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner

Ridley Scott - Director
“I never chuck away the set or the proscenium or the landscape. The set is the landscape. And to me in all my work the landscape and proscenium is a character.”
proscenium [prəˈsiːnɪəm] n pl -nia [-nɪə]-niums
1. (Performing Arts / Theatre) the arch or opening separating the stage from the auditorium together with the area immediately in front of the arch
2. (Historical Terms) (in ancient theatres) the stage itself

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Peter Zumthor - Atmospheres

"And that is what i would call the first and the greatest secret of architecture, that it collects different things in the world, different materials, and combines them to create a space like this. To me it's a kind of anatomy we are talking about. Really, i mean the word <body> quite literally. It's like our own bodies with their anatomy and things we can't see and the skin covering us - that's what architecture means to me"

What the walls say about the city… Dissertation idea

Spitafields and the surroundings areas have a diverse social community, which is displayed in the diversity of the facades seen in the streetscapes.

Investigating the external materials and tissue these buildings wear show the past, present and the future, the background of the area is one of very mixed economic backgrounds the City of London and the powerhouses which currently exist within the boroughs boundaries and Tower Hamlets a borough which is one of the poorest in London. What do the walls say about each of the boroughs and how is this displayed to the passer by,

My Interests are how the place will keep in with its rich history and diversity as well as its move into the present and beyond. The use of material is crucial as this sets the streetscape and scene, modern forms of glass and exposed structure set against the dark brick backdrop social housing blocks and their integration together.
Lost Highway - David Lynch

A bizarre film with twists, the film mainly dark visually and its narrative, the film starts with a series of short filmed clips which are sent in the post which relate and lead onto the overall narrative to the film, the film is highly sex charged with many scenes withe heavy audio mainly consisting of Rammstein very good choice in my opinion and some Marlyn Manson music, as well as in appearance from the artist his self, being a heavy metal fan this filmed had the grit and appeal to many fans on this music genre.

The film overall for me was different to the type of film I would usually watch maybe not in music video sense but in a feature movie, the film was enjoyable to watch even in which leaving myself slightly confused.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Serpentine pavilion 2011 by Peter Zumthor
"The concept for this year’s Pavilion is the hortus conclusus, a contemplative room, a garden within a garden. One enters the building from the lawn and begins the transition into the central garden, a place abstracted from the world of noise and traffic and the smells of London – an interior space within which to sit, to walk, to observe the flowers."

The video was recorded inside this years Serpentine pavilion, the internal courtyard view, the video was filmed from the table i was sitting at.
The pavilion for me was a great heaven, the internal courtyard though small had enough protection to create a safe comfortable environment in a space with a constant flow of people, the planted courtyard with the vibrant colours are in strong contrast to the dark surroundings, the covered walkway with the internal planted area represented a cloister a place of sanctuary with the open aired central space and protected surroundings, this was very much the impression and the emotions i felt inside.

Drive - Curzon cinema, Soho

Watched Drive at the Curzon with fellow unit 15 student melody,
The film wasn't the original film we planned to see but was a good gruesome film to watch, this is not for the faint hearted, the film had some good sequences in and good use of music to add to the drama.
Without giving to much of the storyline away to anyone that reads this has a simple but twisted love story, with text that would portray a very different film.
Oma - Progress, Barbican

Oma have exhibited pieces of their work to the barbican these works vary from hand written notes, to large modelled details, material samples and the thought process behind some of their projects.

The exhibit holds a strong interest to myself as i was heavily influenced by the cctv tower in my university project last year, the model and in-depth knowledge into their buildings was interesting to see, the work displayed represents a strong expression the OMA philosophy.

Pieces of particular interest were the large detail of the cctv construction, the left over glazed panels, some beautiful models, glazing experiments, their use of displaying information/ research collected, the underwater blasted external cladding sample.

Friday, 14 October 2011

The First Film Proposal 
What the walls say about our city...

Outcomes are that the film isn't explicit enough about the subject, the film needs two different filming approaches which reflect and expose there differences, the slick clean modern buildings to filmed us a tripod and a clear definition camera and the "rough" existing skins to be filmed slightly more rugged to display the contrast in materials.

Personal feedback
The next stage is to reduce the image overlays and define the points using different filming techniques and using voice overs to express the points further, reduce text length down to single line titles/ points which explain the fourth coming sequence explicitly and let the video tell the story as opposed to the paragraphs telling the story and the video a background image

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Film Timeline

What do the walls say about the city..

In this film i wish to explore the area and record a short film which encaptures the transformation the area is going on and how the walls are the only last artefacts of this as developers and communities don’t not interact.

Shoreditch are is a place of great transformation and redevelopment with the city bursting and spilling into the surrounding areas improving amenities and facilities, to see the impact of the redevelopments and what if any history is left on the walls which describe the area that once was and is now and the current limbos in between the two.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Project 1.2 Multiplicity: One and Several Space

The site located is one of great interest and tells a strong story of that which is happening in London worldwide, the story of the economy and power houses living on the doorsteps of the poverty and the erin intwine where ever we look China where the extremes of poverty and wealthy.

What do the walls say about the city..

Shoreditch is one of the most diverse areas in London, the area focused on is the on the boundaries between the City of London and Tower Hamlets.

The two boroughs differ in many areas the strongest being the financial differences one being one of the superpowers in the world and the other one of the poorest boroughs in London.

the divides are evident in the architecture as highlighted on this page, the City is full of modern crisp clean buildings which are well maintained and highlight the areas wealth, Tower Hamlets houses many of the poorest people in London and the architecture is in stark difference with dark brickwork, less glass and poorly maintained external skins which breed negativity in the area.

Upon these trip around the site the feeling for personal safety changed as the architecture changed the feeling of security and safety of the city was more than adequate in the tower hamlets borough sometimes literally across the street had a very different feel more people taking interest in you and as I wondered into areas with the abandoned street the local became suspicious, creating a unwelcoming presence in the community
Gerhard Ritcher Panorama Exhibition 
Friday 7th of October
 The uses of photorealistic painting with horizontal brush strokes which  distort the image making the painting feel as though it was captured while the object was in motion.

Gerhard Ricthers works exhibited in the Tate which were of particular interest to myself were those of historical value, from the bombed landscaped captured from a American air craft, the paintings of during the Nazi trails publishing and recording information which Nazi Germany which are controversial such as the paintings of the Nazi "suicide victims" which have a suspicion surrounding them, also house some interesting transparency installations.