Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What the walls say about the city… Dissertation idea

Spitafields and the surroundings areas have a diverse social community, which is displayed in the diversity of the facades seen in the streetscapes.

Investigating the external materials and tissue these buildings wear show the past, present and the future, the background of the area is one of very mixed economic backgrounds the City of London and the powerhouses which currently exist within the boroughs boundaries and Tower Hamlets a borough which is one of the poorest in London. What do the walls say about each of the boroughs and how is this displayed to the passer by,

My Interests are how the place will keep in with its rich history and diversity as well as its move into the present and beyond. The use of material is crucial as this sets the streetscape and scene, modern forms of glass and exposed structure set against the dark brick backdrop social housing blocks and their integration together.

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