Sunday, 23 October 2011

Film Project

With the site location being based in Tower Hamlets boarding the City of London borough, the two opposite are extremely apparent walking around the area.

What if the our economy begins to implode into the extremes were the city begins to fold and become redundant and abandoned similar to the surrounding areas and the offices become taken over by the new power house economy of China, changing the exterior and the appearance once again, adapting the city developments into a western Shanghai/ Beijing.

Thesis Proposal

 Walls have feelings
 Film and architecture run hand in hand within film, the importance of creating a strong background can enhance the story of the film and the message the film across to the audience and portraying the director’s idea into a format, which can be understood worldwide, creating the correct surroundings captivate the audience a give the audience a sense of place and position within the film whether this is the future, past or present the audience can appreciate the surroundings and set their position within the film.

Gladiator as an example sets the scene of each sequence, which enhances the characters position with the story and the characters personal story, within the amphitheater he is a great warrior, in the cell of his new found home he is a servant for a more power source and shows his weaknesses.

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